The Company

Innovation – looking towards the future

The research process never stops and alongside the traditional recipes, Tartuflanghe through the years, focuses on new methods of truffle preservation as well as on products of unmatched innovation.

An ambitious vision that the founders were able to transmit to their two children, Paolo and Stefania, who are both following the path traced by their parents, enriching it with new energies and ideas.

A unique heritage that needs to be preserved and revised, giving the two founders’ vision and ingenuity, a sure future and continuity in time. The chocolate plant was opened in 2005 for the production of the famous Sweet Truffle, the typical Piemonte praline, made with Premium chocolate and PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, which started from the classic taste with hazelnuts and is now available in 16 flavors, being appreciated in every corner of the world.

The Company

The Truffle Perlage was invented in 2010, winner of the “Tendences and Innovation Award”
at the Sial in Paris and shortly after, a new plant opened for the production of the freeze dried Truffle: the best way known today in preserving truffle by respecting its organoleptic characteristics and taste.

The Company

This latest technique, used in the past for space exploration missions, is now applied by our company to the most remarkable raw resources and gourmet products.

Freeze-drying is the last frontier of innovation and opens up the door to a wide range of excellent products and raw goods: Pesto sauce, strawberries, peaches, capers from Sicily, mozzarella, blue cheese, rose petals and figs.

These are just some of the products being transformed with this highly sophisticated processing method and is being currently offered to the restaurant world.

Today Tartuflanghe is present in Michelin starred restaurants all over the world, thanks to its unique and exclusive product list and raw resources.